Friday, 10 February 2012

A PLM journey using the cloud - a customer's perspective

Come see how real manufacturers have begun using cloud-based PLM to get up and running quickly with minimal cost and complexity – but not without challenges.  This session reveals both the promise and ‘pain points’ of achieving PLM, such as:

  • Simpler installation and deployment as compared to traditional ‘on-premise’ solutions
  • PLM information shared quickly and easily with employees, suppliers and customers
  • Fast integration of existing business systems into the overall PLM solution
  • Challenges managing people, culture and information when adopting PLM
Presented by Linda Maepa, COO, Electron Vault, USA and Rob Cohee, Autodesk, Inc., USA 

Electron Vault is expert in the design and manufacture of low cost, high production yield battery systems in the electric vehicle and stationary storage markets. By designing cost-efficient battery systems compatible with high volume production technologies, mass-market electric vehicles can be sold cost-competitively and at cost parity with gasoline vehicles, Electron Vault now has technology in production-ready vehicle battery systems on the roads and field of Africa, Asia, Europe, and the US.

At ElectronVault, Linda focuses on operations, strategy, and technology. From Johannesburg, South Africa, she leads ElectronVault Energy System’s push into the grid-scale storage and remote power markets

Join us in the evening for a Champagne Drinks Reception, Sponsored by Autodesk

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See you there!....Mike