Monday, 8 April 2013

Autodesk Launches the PLM 360 App Store

So I'm really excited to announce the launch of the 

Autodesk PLM 360 App Store !!

So as of today your administrators will have access to lots of apps to enhance the capabilities of your existing PLM 360 tenants. Octopart search engine, FMEA, CAE Management and Lean 5S audits. These are just a few of the apps that you will have access to. Because it’s powered by the cloud, new apps will be added all the time helping you find new uses for PLM 360 expanding its value, quickly and easily!  There is nothing like it in PLM!

Autodesk is fundamentally changing the way you apply new technology to your business. We made these PLM 360 apps to help you to get you up and running quickly using best-practice processes.  And since the apps are all available to you right there, it’s easy to explore new processes that could really improve the way you work – instantly!  So, go try out some new apps today, and make the most out of your PLM 360 tenant. 

Of course Rob Cohee had a few things to say about it, so I’m going to let him hijack my post here for a minute…Ahem, ahem… (In my best British accent) Think for a moment how dramatically different this approach to applying business process, engineering management, or quality improvement technologies as compared to how you have to do it today. Last year we introduced PLM 360 to the market and the contrast in the amount of time it takes to deploy PLM 360 compared to other PLM tools on the market is so incredibly stark, that it’s difficult to comprehend.

The PLM 360 App Store builds on that contrast even further. For example, with just a few mouse clicks, administrators can apply a new app to manage your FMEA process. With another few clicks, add groups to the roles and the app is ready to go straight away. I think that’s how you guys say it, right Mike?

You didn’t have to download anything, install anything on each of your user’s machines, you didn’t even have to be an expert at the process to start. Nope. Your new apps, ready to use (or configure) in minutes. Mike here will walk you through some of the details with many, many posts to follow that will dive deeper into some of the new Apps now available.

So lets get started! 
You administrators can install the apps in 3 simple steps

Step 1
Select the app you want by going into 
Administration - Set up - App Store

Step 2
Select the app you want to Install and click 

Step 3
Add the app to a group, and your done!
The app is then ready for you to use, it's just the same as all your other workspaces, you can configure it to suite your needs, add edit or delete fields as needed.

Enjoy ! You can see a list of the apps we have for launch, watch this space as we add more.

Thanks for reading....Mike

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