Friday, 27 January 2012

Specialist Marine Interiors, SMI Group and Autodesk PLM 360

Specialist  Marine Interiors ( a company of Boat Builders that specialize in Super Yacht interiors. They have developed through years of experience and commitment to technology an interior remote build system that maximizes quality and efficiency from design to manufacture to installation.

The manufacturing process is divided into Pre-assembly, Assembly, Fitting, Finishing, Packing and Dispatch. Work Packs move through the process as if on a production line yet every item is a piece of carefully crafted bespoke furniture built to the most exacting standards. Artisans stand along side the most modern automated machinery combining irreplaceable experience with the best of technology. Accuracy is assured by computer numerically controlled machines but quality is assured by the people behind the craft…and the reputation. The finished furniture is then carefully wrapped and protected before being crated ready for shipment to the yard where our own teams of specialist installers complete the masterpiece.

Scott Moyse the Design Manager at SMI is one of our early adopters of Autodesk PLM 360. We will be working with Scott and the team at SMI, to streamline their entire lifecycle process using Autodesk PLM 360. They will manage their customers, control project and process management, produce costing, quoting and finally manage workflows for customers and supplier interaction. 

The ability to access their PLM from anywhere in the world on any device, PC, tablet, mobile and at any time is a big bonus for them.

Being able to carry out field inspections of their completed yachts, and also report back results in real time to the design office, is one way SMI are improving their innovation process.

MY BLACK PEARL >  31.5m > Beautiful modern interior built and installed in New Zealand

SMI is committed to quality craftsmanship and utilise the latest technology to achieve the highest standard in their Super Yacht interiors. Every single piece of furniture is modelled in Autodesk Inventor before it is cut in the factory, ensuring a perfect fit in an environment where space is at a premium.

Hull and water tight bulkhead structure modelled in Autodesk Inventor

Structural envelope and outboard cabinetry modelled in Autodesk Inventor 

This short clip shows a model of the Black Pearl, revealing the detail that goes into the design of their interiors. It was modelled in Autodesk Inventor and animated in 3DS Max Design.

"I've been spending the last couple of days setting up our initial instance of Autodesk PLM 360 with Mike. This stuff is slick, first app setup in under 90 minutes all by myself and tied into 2 other apps. Customer>Project>Task very impressive" Scott Moyse

I'm off to meet Scott in Barbados on the Black Pearl Yacht for research purposes you understand!!

Cheers for reading..Mike


Jim Brown, Tech-Clarity said...

Great to hear they are getting started. Can you share what processes did they implement? How are they integrated?

Mike Watkins said...

Hi Jim, I will be writing a follow up to this blog post in the next month, we will then be showing what we did and how we did it.

Oleg said...

Interesting post. Nexus PLM on the iPhone screenshot is especially interesting. Can you cover more what they are doing with Nexus? Processes? Thanks, oleg

Mike Watkins said...

Cheers for the comments Oleg, I will be following up in the next month with a more detailed post on what we did with them.

Mike Watkins said...

Part 2 is up now

Unknown said...

Whatever happened to that Barbados trip mate?

Mike Watkins said...

Let's make this happen for 2015 !!!