Monday, 9 July 2012

Marcello Martino Selects Autodesk PLM 360

This week I took a trip down to Soho, London to meet the creative team at Marcello Martino Design to talk about how they are using Autodesk PLM360 to streamline eyewear design.
Marcello Martino Design is an industrial design studio that specialises in producing ‘cool’ must -have lifestyle products and interiors that connect brands to target audiences.

Marcello Martino is the Creative Director and Principal who has been working as a design consultant for the past seven years.
Marcello is a graduate of University of Arts London and winner of various awards. Marcello has also worked on a number of high profile projects locally and internationally.

MMiwear - Created with Alias Design and Showcase
He thrives on using the latest applications as part of the design process and works constantly to expand his knowledge of new technologies that improve the quality of his work and feed his passion for visual communication.

The missing link for Marcello was a way to organise and collaborate with his customers and suppliers. In the digital media industry, one of the biggest challenges facing his team is the fast-moving pace of design changes that happen every day and sometimes every hour!

For help, Marcello will use PLM 360 to manage all of the processes throughout the New Product Introduction phases (NPI)  which include design, prototype and manufacture, and supplier management to ensure prospective customers have real-time access to the most current information from everyone involved.

By using Autodesk PLM 360 Marcello is better able to capture decisions made at each stage of the design process from Concept, Investigation, Planning and finally onto Execution.

We will be coming back in a few weeks to see how Marcello is getting on introducing his customers and suppliers to PLM360.

“Everyone in my industry will be using PLM360 it’s what we need!!”  - Marcello Martino, Creative Director

To Learn more, have a look at this video to see how Marcello Martino Design uses other Autodesk products to achieve cool, must-have designs.

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