Monday, 2 September 2013

Autodesk and LEGO Partnership launch 3D Builder App

As I'm sure we can all agree for those of us who have kids, LEGO is BIG in most households. For me being a PLM fan I love the process of seeing the un-constructed box of parts and then seeing it through to the finished product. A perfect match for people and process !! but I'm not a fan nor do I get excited to pour over a 50 page booklet to begin building . To help you out, Autodesk and LEGO have collaborated in developing the newly released 3D Builder app, containing interactive 3D assembly instructions for the latest LEGO MINDSTORM robots.

These interactive instructions are forward thinking and have game changing potential for the industry.  See it in action!

Hear more about it from the Autodesk Publisher team.

Thanks for reading....Mike
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