Friday, 20 January 2012

PDM/PLM - No Batman without Robin!

In the world of PLM you need good counterparts like PDM, kind of like Batman needs Robin! and no mater what the manufacturing business you engage with consists of, one thing is always consistent….The lifecycle process. Why do we care about processes? well processes are the way in which we all get work done and  processes are the basis of organisational performance, so improving work processes are the key to improving organisational performance.

BUT...remember No Batman without ROBIN!! without the correctly managed design data you have nothing to distribute along the design lifecycle. So PDM play's a major part in the entire and complete lifecycle and is key to improving performance.

Independent research shows that there are 6 key stages to information management within any business.

Stage 1 – Automation of single business functions, for example you use a 3D modelling system to automate design.
Stage 2 – You automate multiple functions, for example you also employ a CAM system to automate manufacture.
Stage 3 – You connect these functions together through a common database.
Stage 4 – At stage 4 organisations start to restructure their business process leveraging information management as a catalyst.
Stage 5 – The organisation starts to integrate some of its external business process that involve partners through the use of information management platforms.
Stage 6 – Finally, at stage 6 the organisation starts to blur the boundaries with its supply network so that the entire network operates as a single entity consistently delivering value to the end customer.

For true PLM you really still need the fundamentals of PDM to make sure you manage your entire design data efficiently and easily in a controlled manor, allowing  you to innovate faster.
Autodesk Vault provides a scalable platform that allows you to start by automating single business functions, then linking them, when the business is ready, to provide an enterprise solution which can be scaled outside of the business and integrated into the supply network and beyond to project management, quality, compliance, maintenance, service, production planning, field inspection etc.. all managed using Autodesk PLM 360

We enable customers to achieve this progression through the 6 stages at a pace that suites them.

To finish...take a look at this cool video for Autodesk Vault and cheers for reading...Mike

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